Easy Ways to Get Short-Term Loans Online in the UK

What Are Short-term Loans

Short-term loans are often needed by customers because of possible urgencies. There are a number of needs that need to be addressed, but monthly finances are often not enough to make ends meet. In such a situation, short-term loans can be a good rescue for investors. Investors can look for short-term loans in the UK, ensuring that they get these loans in easy possible terms.

The main consideration for loans is a credit report, but if it doesn’t show satisfactory results, the customers don’t need to worry. There are companies like Fast Payday Loans that offer loans despite the bad credit. The only difference is that of loan terms and the interest rate. Thus, the customer can look at their needs and compare different loan offers to see which best fits their needs.

Here is a brief overview of short-term loans and how a bad credit loan can be taken for the short term.

What Are Short-term Loans?

Short-term loans are a popular category in loans because of the amount offered and the time required for repayment. A short-term loan is taken to support a temporary personal capital need. As per the set principle, the customer needs to repay the principal amount along with the mutually agreed interest rate. The term of the return can be agreed upon by the lender and the borrower and can vary.

A short-term loan is a good option for families as well as small businesses because of the benefits it brings. The amount of loan can vary from a few hundred pounds to few thousand, depending on the various factors. These loans can fund a temporary cash flow issue. In most cases, the customer would have to repay the borrowed amount in six months to a one-year period.

While those exceeding 18 months can usually be long-term or medium-long-term loans. Payday loans, online or installment loans, invoice financing, lines of credit, etc., are some common short-term loans. Interested customers can see more details about short-term loans by comparing the loan policies of different lending companies.  

Finding A Short-Term Loan Provider

If a person has a bad credit score, it can affect their loan application. They need to look for various options because lenders prefer to go for strict terms when offering loans to those with a bad credit score. Many traditional lenders put strict terms and higher interest rates in such cases. While some reject the loan application altogether. Improvement of bad credit can also be an option, but it is not possible when the loan is needed in the short term.

Finding A Short-Term Loan Provider

There are online lenders and brokers like Fast Payday Loans who don’t consider credit score as the only criterion while assessing the loan application. The loaned amount is lower compared to traditional options, while the interest rates are a bit higher. But the benefit of these loans is that they are available instantly. Furthermore, the application rejection rate is relatively low, which makes it further attractive.

Interested customers can look here to see further details of online loan providers for bad credit.

Assessing Credit Score

The credit score is an important consideration for lenders because it determines the value of risk for the lender. It is the financial footprint of a borrower, and it is through this score through which lending companies decide how reliable a customer is. Most loan seekers know about credit score, and if they don’t have an idea, it can be checked easily. If the credit score of a customer is in a satisfactory range, they will get a loan at lower interest rates. In comparison, if the credit score is poor, it can even lead to the rejection of a loan application.

There are three main credit reference agencies that offer their services in the UK. These are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Though there is a slight difference in their scoring system, they consider similar criteria to assess the credit score of a customer. Customers can register on their website and fill out the application form to find out their credit score.

Once the application has been submitted, the customer can get their credit report. There is a free 30-day trial period for these companies, and once it expires, these companies will charge a monthly fee. The credit score of Experian is in the 0-999 range, while Equifax offers it in the 0-700 range. In comparison, that of TransUnion is in the 0-710 range.

Credit score can also be improved if the results don’t show a satisfactory range. There are different factors that can improve the credit score of a person. These include the assets they hold, the amount of loan taken and returned, income source, savings ratio, etc. Thus, if a customer has these factors in a satisfactory range, they can enjoy easy loans.

Application for Short-Term Loans

Application for a loan is a comprehensive document that covers various aspects of the financial standing of a customer. The application includes personal information like name, address, phone, social security number, etc. In addition, the applicant would have to state the amount of the desired loan and the purpose of the loan.

Moreover, they would have to share the details of the gross monthly income, mortgage payment, or other possible details. There is clear proof of identity required so that no fraud takes place. Once the application is complete, it is sent for review, which takes a little time. The review completion leads to the offer of loan terms. If the customer accepts, the process of credit transfer can begin.


Getting short-term loans from companies like Fast Payday Loans can become easier if the customer knows about the details of the process. They need to make sure that their loan application is complete and their credit score is in a satisfactory range. If this is not the case, they would have to fill out an application at companies that offer loans to those with bad credit. The process is simple and instant, but the difference is that of higher interest rates and a bit stricter terms.