Must Watch This Romantic Television Series : Unforgettable Love

Unforgettable love dramacool is one of the most popular romance dramas of all time. It follows the story of Goh and Eem, two people who find their way to each other from very different backgrounds and experiences. Through countless trials and tribulations, they learn to love each other and fight for their relationship. The drama has been popular since its release and has become a classic in the Korean drama world. This article looks at the plot, characters, and highlights of this unforgettable love dramacool. 

Plot Overview

The story of Unforgettable Love Dramacool revolves around Goh and Eem. Goh is a wealthy financial advisor and Eem is the daughter of a vegetable seller. Despite their regular clashes, they end up falling in love with each other. It’s not just the clash of social statures that gets in the way of their love—they also face conflicts from their own families and an obsession from an ex-girlfriend. However, Goh and Eem persevere and eventually find their happily ever after.

Major Characters

Goh: Goh is a wealthy financial advisor who falls in love with Eem despite their vastly different backgrounds. He is quick to defend her and will do anything he can to make sure she’s happy.

Eem: Eem is a humble and kindhearted girl who works at her parent’s vegetable store. She is initially put off by Goh’s wealth but eventually develops a strong bond with him and learns to accept his way of life.

Bogeyl: Bogeyl is Goh’s ex-girlfriend and a scorned lover. She is obsessed with him and will do anything to keep him away from Eem.


One of the most talked-about aspects of Unforgettable Love Dramacool is the chemistry between Goh and Eem. The two don’t just have a physical connection—they are able to communicate through their emotions and understand each other’s perspectives. This bond only grows deeper as the drama progresses. 

Another highlight of the drama is the fight for love—Goh and Eem face a lot of obstacles throughout the story, but they stay strong and never give up on each other. They fight for their relationship and prevail in the end. 


Overall, Unforgettable Love Dramacool is a classic romance drama that will remain unforgettable for years to come. Between the passionate relationship between Goh and Eem, the obstacles they face and overcome, and the overall chemistry throughout the drama, this is a must-watch for fans of Korean dramas.

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